Friday, April 15, 2011

That Pleated Bag Revisited

Went to the fabric store with both sisters, Joanne and Susan, and Lauren (of course).  I got some thread, another clear ruler (longer) and a remnant of my favorite material and alittle clipper.  We went out to lunch, had a good time.

I couldn't let that pleated clutch get the better of me so I've done it again.  I totally like the fabrics better, its got a nice apple green zipper, and all in all, a much better version.  Still think the pleats should get the other way. 


  1. Cute! Now the pleats are sewn down here. It did not look like that on the other one. Where they just ironed open on the other one? Like the lining!

  2. Yes, I sewed the pleats all the way across, it sees to work better. Its still a bit funky on the bottom, but its better. I'm gonna try another today, maybe the pleats going vertically.