Friday, April 29, 2011

Couple things

I spent too much time today watching the William and Kate's Wedding to get a lot done.  But I did enjoy the wedding.  I also weeded my garden for a time and took some pictures of the new blooms and buds.

I did make a clutch and new little coin purse with french seams posted on Crafty Ady's Blog.  I enjoyed making the coin purse, I think the ribbon is a bit too long, but it was the first time out.  I used my new material from Spool a great new fabric store I visited with my sister Susan earlier this week.  They certainly have a great selection of fabric and they are so friendly and welcoming!  I'd definitely recommend them!

fun fabric huh?

I know the bottom fabric is upside down!

That's the extent of my sewing for today. 

Thanks for reading me!

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  1. I enjoyed that tutorial. I like the way she did the zipper. That is how you would do the zipper for the messenger bag zipper.