Friday, April 1, 2011

Another coin purse

Today another two coin purses, zips and snaps.  I found this tutorial on Noodlehead.

A good tutorial.  I learned how to do binding on the pocket, nice contrast.  I do have trouble with the inside out flip thing, its always a bit of a mystery the first time out, see the tap is on the wrong side of the zipper on the smaller one, and the pocket is actually inside out. 

I also thought it was small, so I made the larger one and got the tab and the pocket correct this time.  

Have a good day!


  1. These are awesome and so are you! Love the colors, the design and everything. Sewing gives me a headache. Never did get into it. Guess I'll have to buy one of your creations because I'm sure not going to make one!

  2. Thanks Dede! I'd be happy to create one for you at a reasonable price. This last batch is pretty small, 3X4 inches and 5x4 inches.