Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ah, the madness continues

I'm happy to announce that over there to the left of the screen you can follow me by email, sign yourselves up! 

I bought this blanket binding the other day.  So cute and colorful!

Of course I had to make a little change purse!

My synapses were not quite firing properly this morning, so the first one I made has the pink on the outside and the cars on the inside.


I guess not enough coffee.

Now the those two are quite small, 4 and 3/4 by 3 inches, so I sewed the binding together and lined it.  Nicer that the cars don't get cut off, and you can fit more inside, plus the stripey thing is quite nice.

I like the race car check inside.

One more wristlet for today. 

three pockets inside

two loops, one handle and an extra loop for your keys.


  1. Cute, Silly, Fun, and you can carry things!

  2. wow! they came out really great!!! come over and sew with me!!!