Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Another Messenger Bag

Hurricane Sandy came through last night, I'm lucky to report we're okay.  My sister is without power, and has a tree down across the street, but all are healthy and have been accounted for.  My heart goes out to those that did not fair as well, you are in my prayers.

Since there was no going anywhere today, I spent the day creating the latest messenger bag.  I just love the fabric!  Fish! Cute cute cute!!!!  Its definitely violet/purple background, not blue I tried to doctor it up the photo to reflect this.

Again, I just love this bag, fish on a violet/purple background and chicken wire interior fabric.  The buttons are dark almost black but have iridescent purple striation.

Great bag!  $60.00, make a great gift for a outdoorsy gal!

Everyone take care as we on the east coast recover. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Holidays Approaching Quickly!!

Its time to get working for the Holiday Season.

Recently, I just finished a new purse design (more in process) thanks to Obsessive Crafting Disorder Blog:

Cosmetic Bags in fun fabrics:

The Messenger Bag still needs some cool buttons.

And of course I'll have more Scoodies:

And this year I have a supply of potholders that would look great in Auntie's Kitchen:

And a little somthing filled with catnip for your kitties!