Sunday, February 9, 2014

Crochet, my latest obsession

Who knew crocheting was so much fun! I come from a family of knitters, and while I've tried on and off since I was a teenager (very long ago) I've never been able to knit anything other than a grand piano shape. Just can't get the tension thing down.  My sister Susan can knit anything! And my niece Lauren knits really well too.  But not me. But crocheting I can do! I don't seem to have the tension problems, maybe its the one hook as opposed to the two needles.

So without further introduction, here's my two baskets!

Looks nice with the lemons.

This basket is made out of nylon cording.  It was a bit slippy slidey, but it turned out great.  

My next basket I crocheted the same nylon cord around a clothes line.  

I'm happy with this one too.

Not sure what to keep in the rope basket.  But I'll figure it out.  What to make next? I guess I should learn more than just single crochet. :-)

Have a good one!

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