Monday, June 6, 2011

Back in the Studio

That's right, I'm back in the studio!  Feels great.  First it was WAY too hot, and I had to get my a/c shoved in the window.  So now, with this new heat wave, I'll be able to keep working.

Then when it did cool off, I was busy running around.  I got to see the Robert Coppuci show yesterday.  Such great stuff!!  Did the flea market on Saturday, that was fun and successful.  And I just can't remember what else I've been doing.

So here's my latest design.  A play on the snap and zipper wallet from Laura at Thimble.  I've made it longer (wider?) to hold you bills without folding, I put a couple pockets in to hold your cards and of course the zipper pocket for coins.  Its in my favorite wood plank fabric and chicken wire fabric lining. 

Love that fabric!!

Zipper pocket for coins

Can you see the pocket?  There are two.
I'm going right now to test it out!  Hope to have more to show you this week.

Stay cool!

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