Friday, May 4, 2012

My little postcard of a garden

I just love spring, when everything is green and full of expectations!  I just spent a little time in my garden planting coleus and marigolds for color, basil and parsley for the kitchen.  My rhubarb I planted last year is going gang busters, and I'm toying with the idea of snagging a couple stalks, its so hard to wait THREE YEARS! Its an eternity!

My tomatoes went in last weekend.  I've got 4 going.  A Brandywine, a Big Rainbow and a Black Crim I started from seed.  The Black Crim is quite small, I'm worried it may not make it.... I've also planted a Sungold Cherry tomato I got from our local Urban Farm.  I've got some chard going, and lettuce and arugula.  The arugula came back from last year, a lovely surprise!  And of course my herbies.  I've got a huge sage from last year, thyme, chives and oregano all back from last year.  And I've got the potatoes going, I'm mounding this year, I didn't last year and I didn't get many potatoes, so fingers crossed.

Oh yes!  And I've got 3 blueberry bushes, this is my 4th year, and it looks to be a great harvest.  Strawberries are starting to turn red, I've wrapped my bag of strawberries in old mosquito netting with the hope to keep those piggy squirrels from eating them all before I get to them!

I love my garden!  Peace and Joy to everyone!

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