Friday, May 6, 2011

Batman Returns

I made a batman wallet the other day and was so pleased with it that I made three more!!

My dad liked the original so much he's decided he'd try it out for a change pouch.

I've also been having my morning coffee in my little backyard patio.
Is that a baby strawberry in the lower right hand corner?!

Brussel Sprout!

Brussel Sprout!
two more Brussel Sprouts!
Swiss Chard
Iris' with the geese and gazing ball
Clematis - they are such lovely showy flowers
Chives blooming

Don't you just love Spring?  What's better than seeing who's gonna pop up next!


  1. wow, you're cranking those cute wallets out! you go girl! i love the plants.. you're making me jealous.. i hope you get a lot so you have to share!!!

  2. I hope to get enough to share with you!